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University of Amsterdam
Mediastudies Department, Associate Professor


Bernhard Rieder is Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam and a collaborator with the Digital Methods Initiative. His research focuses on the history, theory, and politics of software and in particular on the role algorithms play in social processes and in the production of knowledge and culture. This includes work on the analysis, development, and application of computational research methods as well as investigation into the political and economic challenges posed by large online platform.

He has been a visiting fellow at Utrecht University's Centre for the Humanities and Descartes Centre and he participated in the EMAPS project, an EU-funded study of the applications of electronic mapping led by Prof. Bruno Latour.

After studying Communication, History, and Philosophy at Vienna University, he obtained a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from Paris 8 University (2006), where he was subsequently appointed Assistant Professor at the Département Hypermédia, co-directing the "Création et Edition Numériques" Master's program. He worked as a software developer with the Austria Press Agency and other companies for several years and has since contributed to numerous software projects, mainly in the areas of digital research methodology, data visualization, and geolocalization. He writes and maintains Netvizz, a data extraction application for Facebook, and, together with Erik Borra, released the DMI Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset as open source in 2014. A full list of research software is available here.

He currently works on a long-term investigation into the historical and conceptual foundations of information processing techniques that mine, sort, filter, and connect information on the web.

Office hours (2016-17)

Friday 10:00-12:00

Mediastudies building (BG1)

room 2.19

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rieder at uva dot nl
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Mediastudies Department
Turfdraagsterpad 9
1012 XT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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